5 Important Travel Trends for 2021, According to MMGY Global

It’s safe to say most people are eager to put 2020 behind and move forward to a more optimistic year. When it comes to travel, 2021 sure seems promising according to global travel, tourism, and hospitality marketing company MMGY Global. It’s CEO, Clayton Reid, predicts that global travel will indeed recover, and it might even reach a new high. Here’s what his predictions for travelers in 2021 look like:

1. Prepare to Travel With Proof of Vaccination

Vaccine With the announcement of global vaccines by national governments and more and more people getting vaccinated each day, it’s likely that airlines and certain international destinations will require travelers to bring proof of vaccination when they board a plane or enter a region. New regulations in that direction are yet to be made, but you will do well to expect them and be prepared if it comes down to it.

2. Road Trips Will Be All the Rage

Red Cabriolet Pacific Ocean Highway As soon as air travel was ‘canceled,’ road trips became the new old weekend getaway option. And even though airlines are expected to resume most of their flights, it seems like people aren’t going to switch back so easily. Road trips are safe, easy, can be planned last minute, and are still the best way to practice social distancing.

3. Lodging Will Be the Safest Conventional Option

Cozy Lodge Leisure resorts in beach and mountain locations have already begun re-opening, and early bookings look promising, says Reid. Compared to city center hotels where recovery is expected to happen at the slowest rate, accommodation in nature will make a strong comeback way sooner.

4. Going on a Dreamy Cruise Will Be Possible Once Again

Cruise Ship Travel Many were said to see their cruise plans unexpectedly canceled when the pandemic first broke out. But, if going on a dreamy cruise is still your best idea of travel, do not worry because you will soon be able to set sail. According to Reid, many cruise lines are already reporting strong bookings for the summer of 2021 and beyond, and although there will be a reduction in itineraries, things are expected to normalize at a steady pace.

5. Travel With Purpose

Man Hiking If anything, 2020 taught us all a very important lesson when it comes to travel – we should do it with purpose and appreciate every chance we get to explore a new place. That’s why MMGY Global predicts more and more people will be looking for purpose-led trips and places off-the-beaten-path like the Arctic, wildlife locales, small Mediterranean islands, and so many more!