This Villa in Sicily Cost Only 1 Euro to Buy

It’s hard to believe that there’s even such a thing as a one-euro villa in Sicily, let alone that such an experience would be possible and enjoyable! But, the experience of staying in one such villa during a trip to Sicily is everything that one could hope for.

The Area

Sambuca, Italy, is most likely a place you have never heard of. It isn’t a place made famous by Instagram and does not even have any industry. A speck on the map, it’s 42 miles southwest of Palermo on the island of Sicily and home to fewer than 6,000 people. But, it’s an interesting spot, especially if you like leisurely travel and Airbnbs. The village got international attention when authorities decided to sell the derelict homes around the area at the cost of one euro. It was aimed at promoting international investment to restore the village to its glorious yesteryears. One of the buyers to show interest was Airbnb.

The Villa

The house resides at the top of the town, just behind the big church which provides a community space in Sambuca. The exterior blends seamlessly into the surrounding houses. Still, when entering the doors, it’s easy to see the care put into the property by Studio Didea, an architectural firm in Palermo. The interior decor includes furniture from well-known luxury brands. The Lastra family, who will now enjoy a free, year-long stay at the house, will act as hosts to travelers coming to Sambuca looking to get to know the town. In addition, the family plans to help take guests on tours of neighboring ricotta farms and wine tastings at one of Sicily’s most beloved wineries. They’ll also teach wild foraging because the area is an excellent spot to hunt down wild asparagus. You can now book this reformed villa for $68 per night and enjoy a much-needed holiday.