This Maryland Hotel Is the Perfect Weekend Getaway

​​The charming hotel, Inn at Perry Cabin, is a famous Maryland spot. Nestled in the town of St. Michael, the hotel is known for not only making its acting debut in Wedding Crashers, but also for being the perfect getaway for city folks looking to unwind. With its farm-to-table menu, waterfront views, and soothing atmosphere, it might just be the de-stressor you’re looking for.

The Food

The Maryland Inn has perfected the art of farm-to-table food. Executive chef at the inn, Gregory James, joined the inn in 2019 and has since then made it his mission to provide sustainably on the plate. All the ingredients used in the kitchen are sourced locally, even the cheese which James ages using vegetable ash made from leftovers in his kitchen. The taste of the healthy and delicious meal is only enhanced by the experience of dining amidst flowing fire pits and picture-perfect gazebos. The Inn at Perry Cabin is also planning on opening a farm in 2022 which will double as both a working farm and event space. The inn also houses a sailing academy wherein you can learn to sail on the resort’s fleet. If you’re feeling especially indulgent, you can also book a 55-foot boat and arrive at the inn in style.

Around the Town

The quaint town of St. Michaels, Maryland provides the perfect backdrop for the hotel. Explore the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum for an in-depth history of the area’s boat building. The latest exhibit, Dove Tales, is all set to open in April and will talk about the Maryland Dove, the bait which brought colonists to Maryland in 1634. Walk around the red-brick paved streets, and duck into the local pharmacy for a variety of knick-knacks and gifts. The quintessential charming American town also offers a soothing environment with mid-Atlantic waves gently lapping against the shore.