What Sleeping Inside Idaho’s Giant Potato Is Like

Idaho Hosted a Potato Hotel Party for Guests!

While potato is the most common and delicious food item of all, you’d never guess in your life that you can now experience living inside a giant potato! For potato lovers, this place will surely feel perfect and they would never want to leave the place.

Where Is This Giant Potato Situated?

To celebrate National Potato Day, potato-chips brand Lay’s gave potato lovers and their loved ones a fantastic opportunity to stay at the Big Idaho Potato Hotel and have the time of their lives. The hotel is located 20 miles outside of Boise, Idaho, and the lucky couple actually got the chance to vacation inside a 28-foot long, 11.5-foot tall steel plaster giant potato! This big, fascinating potato tuber was built over a decade ago to celebrate the Idaho Potato Commission’s (IPC) 75th Anniversary. It took quite a while for this hotel to get famous, and everyone started talking about whether it was an actual giant potato or not.

A Peek Inside the Potato

A Peek Inside the Potato

While you have to go to a different building to use the restroom, the tiny hotel entails a whirlpool tub, a fireplace, and even a skylight. So, when you lay down and look up, you see constellations – but in the shape of a potato. One of the best amenities you’ll find is Dolly the Jersey Cow, which is an actual bovine who grazes in the surroundings of the hotel and even comes for treats and head pats, giving you the ultimate experience. The room is quite cozy with a comfy bed, sofa chairs, and some furnishings to keep your stuff. You can really have a lovely time if you decide to stay inside Idaho’s Giant Potato. Those who didn’t win this lucky lottery offered by Lay’s can still book the place through Airbnb for $207 a night and have a spud-tastic vacation!