These Ice Hotels Will Keep You Cool Even in Summer

There’s something so fascinating about ice sculptures, ice bars, icy lakes, and ice hotels. At one point, that ice was nothing more than a simple bowl of water, but soon enough it’s transformed into something truly beautiful. That’s probably why ice hotels are becoming even more popular with travelers looking to stay somewhere unique. Of course, you can stay in these ice hotels during the winter months, but why not cool yourself down during the warm summer months as well?

These Ice Hotels Will Keep You Cool Even in Summer


When it comes to ice hotels, there’s no doubt about the fact that the ICEHOTEL in Sweden is the coolest and the most legendary. That’s because this hotel is often considered to be the first ice hotel ever carved, and it’s been embracing ice-loving guests for almost three decades. Each hotel room is decked out with different carvings and sculptures, and they are totally awesome.

Hôtel de Glace, Canada

The Hôtel de Glace is pretty famous, and not just because it’s rebuilt from the ice up every single year. It’s also famous because it’s the only ice hotel in North America – which means that the rooms are in high demand. Featuring 42 different ice rooms, some of these fancy suites even come complete with their own indoor fireplace and sauna. That could be pretty scary, though…

These Ice Hotels Will Keep You Cool Even in Summer

Iglu-Dorf, Switzerland

There are numerous Iglu-Dorf locations across Switzerland, and they all come with various different lodging options. You could choose to stay in a traditional, no-nonsense igloo, you could opt for something a bit more fancy with their ice suites, or you could build your own igloo for the night! Yes, their ‘Build Your Own Love Nest’ option is great for those who want to appreciate the snowy, icy region.

Ice hotels can be a little daunting at first, but when you step back and realize just how incredible they are, we guarantee you won’t want to stay anywhere else.