The Most Gorgeous Treehouse Rentals Around The World

Sleeping in a treehouse was the ultimate fantasy for many of us during childhood. If you never got the chance to have your own, there’s good news: now you can rent out an adult version in some of the most gorgeous settings in the world. Here are five spectacular treehouses for global travelers in touch with their inner child…

This treehouse in Tinn, Norway is a true retreat from modern life, with no Wi-Fi or even electricity. Its giant floor-to-ceiling window overlooks the river below. You have to climb a ladder to get to the sleeping nook, which has an incredible skylight. We imagine visiting this place in the middle of winter would feel like living inside a snow-globe!

This sculptural marvel in Indonesia may look modest from the outside, but it actually contains three stories with three bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, pool, and more. What’s more, it is made out of 100% bamboo! The entire structure is open-air, and there are multiple nooks and crannies to relax in. As part of a larger complex, you can get meals, massages, and even a driver.

This treehouse just outside Port Elizabeth, South Africa is fully decked out with a full kitchen, grill, Wi-Fi and more. As it’s set on a farm, the veranda is perfect for bird-watching, and you can cool down in farm’s pool or in the ocean, with scuba-diving destination Sardinia Bay a short 8-minute drive away.

Just a couple hours’ drive from Manhattan, this architectural, grown-up treehouse is designed to make you feel completely secluded, and includes multiple reading nooks and a wood-burning Swedish hot tub. Overlooking a pond and a large forest, this hideaway is a perfect writers’ retreat.

If you’re able to shell out the big bucks for a super-deluxe treehouse experience, the views from this New South Wales, Australia luxury tree suite are just as breathtaking as the amenities. Its floor-to-ceiling windows, hot tub, and location between a rainforest and two Australian national parks is certainly the stuff of grownup treehouse dreams.