Airbnb Announces Global Party Ban In Rentals

The temporary no-party rule of Airbnb is turning permanent now, as per the new policy of the global house rental company. The policy was first imposed in mid-2020 as house parties in the rentals gained traction. Now, the temporary ban is back, but this time it’s a full and final decision by the company.

The Policy

2020 saw all the restaurants in the world closing down for a really long period of time. As the ban continued, Airbnb noticed a rising trend of wild parties at rental homes. The company initially imposed a temporary ban on all events and parties in any Airbnb rental property in August 2020. Now, the company has codified the ban as its permanent official policy, to be under effect from this month onwards. This new policy applies to all Airbnb listings globally, irrespective of the type of property. The temporary ban was proved effective earlier, with a 44% drop in party reports each year, prompting the decision of this permanent ban.

The Rules

According to the new policy applied this summer onwards, Airbnb is going to ask the guests to sign anti-party attestations when they are making reservations. They have to affirmatively attest that they understand Airbnb’s rule of the ban of arranging any party within the property. Upon breaking the rule, the guests may be subject to strict legal action from the company. In an official statement, the company explained that the neighboring communities of their properties are as important to them as the hosts and guests. And so, to help the community, Airbnb has also created a Neighborhood Support Line for the neighbors to lodge voice complaints, if necessary.