Bring the Benefit of Travel Home with This Handy Staycation and Self-care Ideas

The current pandemic scenario has changed the face of global travel and tourism a lot. ‘Staycation’ has emerged not only as a popular trend, but also as a useful option to take a short break from a hectic mundane schedule, but on a smaller budget than a planned vacation.

Staycation and Self-Care

Staycation also gives you the utmost opportunity to indulge in much-needed self-care. Exploring your area and yourself along with it is the fruitful outcome of staycation. It doesn’t require a planned trip out of town, instead just spend some time outside your home to go with the day! Follow these staycation and self-care ideas to enjoy a day being relaxed and pampered.

Plunge into a Pool

If you don’t have a pool in your home but you love to swim, and the local recreational pool is either crowded or not open yet, don’t worry! There is a handy app named ‘Swimly’, which will rent you a pool for a day. Just book a pool of your choice and relax in private or in the company of your friends or family. Another app ‘Joyspace’ is also coming, with the options for renting private gyms, home studios, and basketball courts.

Experience a Unique Space

A unique space is great to explore, hang out, host a small party, or just to spend some fun time capturing some insta-shots or creating a photoshoot. Handy websites like ‘Peerspace’ are there to offer you carefully chosen unique venues for renting.

Enjoy a Picnic

Want to plan a picnic but worried about all the arrangements? Just hire someone to do it for you! In Los Angeles and many other areas of the US, there are several trendy picnics set up businesses, picnic baskets, and charcuterie board businesses like, at your service. So, take the day off and enjoy a picnic with friends and families under the sky, without any hassle.

Boost Your Mental Health Amidst Nature

If you are from the Los Angeles or a neighboring area, websites like ‘Healing Garden’ are there to rent you a garden or any outdoor space of your choice to provide you a day of de-stressing. With various gorgeous urban gardens to choose from, they literally bring nature to your doorstep!