Recipe of Tasty Tostones for a Quick Snacking

Plantains are plainly tasty. The sliced and deep-fried version of them is even better to munch on at exactly any time. The similar looks can be deceiving, but plantains are actually the savory cousin of sweet bananas and taste nothing like the ripened fruit. It’s full of potassium and good fiber too. Plantain chips or Tostones are a common phenomenon all around Panama and beyond. Shaved skinny like potato chips or sliced nicely thick for a crispy-chewy action, tostones never fail to make your day! So, set aside your regular chips and get your hands on plenty of plantains. Follow these simple quick steps, and snack on!

Ingredients (for 2-4 people)

• 2-3 green plantains • Sea salt • Cracked black pepper • Vegetable oil


• First thing first, peel the plantains. It can be a little tricky. The best way is to cut the top and the bottom of a piece and then to make one or two scores lengthwise. Next, lift up the fruit from these lines, and the peel will come off easily.

• Cut the plantains at a sharp angle. You can cut the pieces thick or thin, as you like. But, the longer and leaner the sides, the crispier and tastier your chips are.

• Just like the French fries, soaking the plantain pieces in cold water for about 15 minutes will give you the extra benefit of removing the excess starch, making your chips crisp up better. This is not a necessary step though.

• If you soak the pieces, then after 15 min drains them and dry them well. Put a deep pan on the stove and heat vegetable oil in enough amount for deep frying. Fry the plantain slices at 375F temperature until golden brown. Then take them out draining well from the oil.

• Add a hefty sprinkle of sea salt. A tad touch of cracked black pepper won’t hurt either.

• Start munching right away! What are you waiting for!