Smoked Chicken Salad Variations Are the New Trend in Texas

The smoked chicken salad from Carpenter's Cafe in Fort Worth, Texas goes great on a croissant.
Smoked Chicken Salad Variations Are the New Trend in Texas

Texas and the entire world lost many decent BBQ places due to the global lockdown. Most Forth Worth locals are perfectly capable of barbequing themselves, but only true natives would understand the absence of Lady & The Pit’s fried pork chops, pineapple cream pie, and the smoked chicken salad.

Texas Is Famous for Smoked Meats

Texas has always been known for smoked and slow-cooked pull-off-the-bone meats. In most cases, people would link smokey and pulled meats with pork and beef, but it seems like chicken is getting popular, at least in the Fort Worth area.

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Smoked Chicken Salad Variations Are the New Trend in Texas

According to the USDA beef and pork have battled for protein supremacy until the 1950s when beef took a clear lead for the next six decades. This all changed now as beef consumption is falling drastically and the surging popularity of chicken is now on top. Texas barbecue menus can confirm that and whether it’s a turkey breast, chicken, or even duck, those are among the most popular options and probably seen as “healthier” compared to pork ribs and smoked briskets.

Smoked Chicken Salads & Re-Opens in Fort Worth

Natasha Smith, owner of Lady & the Pit announced a re-opening and she promised that her smoked chicken salad would be back. This is definitely existing news, and Smith is not the only one preparing for a re-open and teasing with their version of smoked chicken salad.

Owner and current pitmaster at Lady & the Pit, Natasha Smith.
Smoked Chicken Salad Variations Are the New Trend in Texas

For example, Tulips FTW opened as Fort Worth’s newest music venue during a rough time for music venues, but apart from providing a great live music experience, they have a bar that serves a fantastic chicken salad sandwich. While it doesn’t get as much smokey flavor compared to other and more authentic places for barbecue, it’s still a delicious sandwich that is worth buying. The point is, even music venues in Texas play safe with smoked chicken.

More Emblematic Places to Try Out a Smoked Chicken Salad in Fort Worth, Texas:

  • Carpenter’s Cafe
  • Smoke-A-Holics BBQ
  • Big Boyz BBQ
  • Jack’s Soul Food and BBQ
  • Berry Best BBQ
  • Sausage Shoppe