Secret Spots Foodies Will Love In Italy

If you consider yourself a foodie, then Italy is absolutely a country you should visit. The cuisine there is perfection, and you’re sure to have a fantastic meal wherever you go.

Secret Spots Foodies Will Love In Italy

Sforno, Rome

Unassuming restaurants are usually the best ones because they serve the finest cuisine you will find. That’s definitely the case with Sforno in Rome which has some of the city’s best pizza. Hidden away in the Cinecittà district, this restaurant is sure to put you off takeaway or supermarket-bought pizzas forever.

Le Sfogline, Bologna

For the foodies who appreciate making food as much as eating it, a trip to Le Sfogline in Bologna is an absolute must. Here, you can learn how to create dough from scratch and turn it into tortellini that tastes even better than it looks. There’s nothing quite like homemade Italian pasta, especially when you’re the one responsible for making it.

Secret Spots Foodies Will Love In Italy

Trattoria Gianni, Bologna

Another place that’s worth visiting in Bologna is Trattoria Gianni. Here, you can expect a meal of spaghetti Bolognese that’s more authentic than you’ll find anywhere else. That’s because it’s actually tagliatelle al ragù, a delicious dish made with tagliatelle rather than spaghetti. The restaurant is tucked out of the way, so the only people who really know about it are the locals.

All Of Le Marche

Certain regions in Italy are renowned for their delicacies. Le Marche isn’t usually one of them, but it should be. The area isn’t really intended for tourists, so you know that the food on offer is there to cater to Italians who want that classic, homemade taste. What’s not to like about that? Just be aware that not all the restaurants have menus, so you might have to be brave when making your order.

If your stomach’s growling, you should probably get yourself a one-way ticket to Italy!