Restaurants in Dubai Received Michelin Stars, for the First Time, in 2022

Known for its luxurious lifestyle, modern architecture, and tall buildings, Dubai is adding a new feather to its cap this year – a Michelin Star. These prestigious stars are given to the very best restaurants and are very hard to earn. And many restaurants in Dubai have made a place for themselves on the top list, a first for the Middle East.

The Michelin Guide 2022

The Michelin Guide has been a coveted list since 1990, and now Dubai has joined the club too. For the first time, restaurants in Dubai have been rewarded for their excellence by Michelin Stars. The Michelin Guide of Dubai was launched in 2022, and a total of 69 restaurants appeared on the list. This guide explores different cuisines and cultural diversity in the city. 11 restaurants earned Michelin stars, while 44 restaurants were given the status of Michelin selected. The remaining 14 eateries were awarded Bib Gourmand, an award for places that are known for providing food that is value for money. Restaurants Stay and II Ristorante were the top two restaurants, receiving two stars each. The former is famous for its French cuisine, and the latter is known for its expertise in Italian food.

The Michelin Testimony

The director of Michelin Guide, Gwendal Poullennec, stated that their inspectors have been in the field for years, monitoring the evolution of the local culinary landscape, and the committee is proud and happy to reveal the vibrancy and real potential of Dubai as a gastronomic hotspot. He was pleased with the conditions of the food industry, culinary diversity, and the city’s homegrown talent. This guide not only works as a reward for all the hard work restaurants put in but will be beneficial for the tourism sector as well. For the food bloggers waiting to explore Dubai, this guide is the ultimate map of the city.