This Restaurant in Amsterdam Is Serving Customers in Greenhouses

Although the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is affecting every single aspect of our lives, it seems as though many people are missing the little things the most. You know, like walking through the mall and picking up some new clothes, heading off to the beach without feeling like you’re breaking the law, and heading to a restaurant for a bite to eat. This restaurant in Amsterdam knows that people are missing this little perk, so they’ve come up with a genius solution.

Keeping Their Distance

With people across the globe asked to keep their distance from others, it makes certain tasks and activities impossible. Many thought that this would be the case for restaurants and that it would be months before these eateries would be able to open again. However, it seems as though restaurant owners just need to put their creative hats on – just like this restaurant in Amsterdam has done.

Giving Them Space

Mediamatic ETEN is one of the first restaurants to open back up in Amsterdam, but customers don’t have to worry about getting too close to other diners or even the waiting staff. That’s because they have set up adorable little greenhouses outside of their restaurant, and right on the edge of the canal. These greenhouses can seat three people at a time, meaning that you can eat delicious restaurant-standard food without feeling concerned.

Serving The Food

Yes, even the waiting staff keep their distance. They do this by attaching a long wooden plank to the end of the table. When it comes to serving the customers, they simply place the food or drinks onto the plank, and then it’s down to the customer to bring it closer to them when they’re ready to eat it. Alongside this, the waiting staff also wear gloves and plastic visors to cover their face.

If only more restaurants would come up with solutions like this one.