Ramen Pizza Is Definitely a Thing in Taiwan

Ramen and pizza. Two words we never thought we would say together. However, that’s all about to change thanks to ramen pizza as it’s now definitely a thing in Taiwan – and no one really knows how to react.

Ramen Pizza Is Definitley a Thing in Taiwan

Bringing Them Together

Ramen pizza was brought into the world thanks to the combination of Japanese ramen restaurant Menya Musashi and Pizza Hut. It works just like a regular pizza. However, instead of your typical toppings, the ramen pizza comes with slices of pork, chili, white sesame, a half-boiled egg, and, of course, ramen noodles. If you’re already missing the bamboo shoots and spring onions, then have no fear; they come on the side.

Injecting Some Fun

Pizza Hut Taiwan apparently has an excellent reason for creating the ramen pizza. The company said that it wanted to tap into the creative food scene within the country. Pizza Hut Taiwan further added that it believes people living in the country have a high cost of living and stressful lives thanks to long work hours. It just wanted to bring a little relief to people’s lives, even if it did mean adding ramen to a pizza.

Ramen Pizza Is Definitley a Thing in Taiwan

Creating An Online Stir

Of course, it wasn’t long before people took to the internet to share their views on ramen pizza. Menya Musashi Taiwan offered a joking apology where it stated that the companies hoped to blend Italian and Japanese cuisine. However, it wasn’t the fusion of favors that got many people talking – it was the discussion about how to divide the boiled egg! It seems as though the jury is out for now.

Love it or hate it, the ramen pizza is apparently here to stay – and we’re not sure that we’re mad. The only thing that has us a little upset is that it’s not on our local menus just yet.