5 Must-Try Cafés and Restaurants in Tehran

People in Tehran love to eat out. No wonder it has some amazing cafés and restaurants, turning the place into a soulful city. The people living there also have different tastes, so you will find a variety of cuisines to choose from. We have made a list of some of the best places you could visit if you visit this beautiful city. Take a look.

Mestoran Restaurant

This restaurant is at Niavaran Street and was inspired by the Safavid era’s architecture. It is one of Tehran’s best restaurants. Once there, you can treat yourself to appetizers like pistachio soup, shirazi salad, Iranian kebabs, abgoosht, and many others. You can also enjoy international dishes like steak, shrimps, and fish steak with their amazing yogurt; flavored with spinach, ginger, eggplant, and garlic. One noteworthy thing about this restaurant is that all their dishes are brought to the table inside copper utensils.

Hestooran Restaurant

When you taste authentic Iranian dishes at Hestooran restaurant, you can also enjoy different oriental dishes that are linked to western ones. You will find a mix of flavors that belong to either the past or the present. Some flavors are original and some are innovative. This place does not fail to delight. Its ambiance is cozy, which is something you will adore. So, next time you are on Tehran’s Fereshteh Street, visit Hestooran and enjoy their range of Iranian drinks and foods.

Narenjestan Restaurant

This restaurant serves a wide range of cuisines. If you are a foodie then you must visit this restaurant when you are vising Tehran. Apart from Iranian foods, you can also enjoy seafood, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Italian, Barbeque, Sushi, French, salads, and soups. So, when you are in the city, head to the district of Sa’adat Abad and visit this restaurant there.

Rouhi Restaurant

When you are in Tehran, you have to visit Rouhi restaurant. It has gorgeous traditional decoration and amazing food. At the restaurant, you can get all three meals of the day in a metal dish, which is known as “rouhi.” You can find the restaurants at Tajrish Square and is considered to be among the top 10 Tehran Persian places to dine.

Kubaba Café Restaurant

When you visit this restaurant on Jordan Street, you will notice how special its interior design is, with its bright terrace and oriental ambiance. The menu has multiple cuisines to treat your taste buds. You can enjoy Iranian foods, Turkish, Arabic, and Middle Eastern. Even its café menu has a lot to offer with hot and cold beverages, desserts, and pastries. Kubaba Café Restaurant is considered to be one of the best cafes and restaurants in Tehran.