Top 7 Classic and Not-To-Miss Greek Dishes to Try

A trip to Greece isn’t all about ancient monuments, white sand beaches, and azure waters. The country has plenty to tickle your tastebuds too! From buttered-to-perfection Spanakopita to throw-anything-you-like Moussaka, the options are plenty and mouthful! Here are a few classic Greek dishes you need to try at least for once.


This is a delicious Greek chicken soup, perfect for cold-weather days. Avgolemono is usually made with chicken broth, lemon juice, and egg yolks, sometimes with rice to make it more filling, and topped with shredded boiled chicken. This soup is super easy to make, uber satisfying on a cold wintry day, and absolutely ideal if you got the sniffles.


The term Saganaki is actually an all-inclusive word for Greek foods, prepared in a specific kind of copper dish. The most delicious and popular iteration of Saganaki is fried cheese, which can easily rank among the world’s best appetizers. A sturdy cheese like halloumi, kefalograviera, graviera, or goat-milk feta is dredged in flour and fried in a small Saganaki frying pan until the edges get crispy brown. Enjoy it plain, or top it with honey, fruits, and nuts.


A true Greek delight, Dolmades are all about stuffed grape leaves cooked and rolled like wraps. The filling typically includes rice and herbs and sometimes minced meat. But the options are limitless here, and you can easily get inventive with your stuffing without a second thought!


This ultra-traditional hearty Greek meal is an all-time favorite for many of the nation. Though now you can find several different iterations of the dish, usually Moussaka is made with potatoes and eggplant, along with either lamb or beef. Then this delicious casserole-styled dish is finished with creamy béchamel sauce before being broiled brown in the oven.


This popular grab-n-go Greek wrap is highly available in almost every corner of the nation and is pretty easy to recreate at home too. Any marinated meat like chicken, pork, lamb, or beef is first grilled on a skewer and then placed on a warm pita over a bed of salad. Then it gets smothered in tzatziki sauce and wrapped together to make a delicious and filling Souvlaki.


Spanakopita is a throwback classic in the world of Greek cuisine. Similar to a spinach pie, this delicious and flaky savory treat has been made by the Greeks for centuries. You can make one easily by layering phyllo dough with olive oil or butter and then filling the intermittent layers with a yummy mixture of cooked spinach, feta cheese, eggs, and scallions. Then bake it all in the oven until brown. Cut into pieces and enjoy your Spanakopita as an appetizer or anytime snack.


Don’t worry! Greece offers plenty of yummy sweet treats too! Loukoumades is just one of the best options out there. Similar to the other dishes on this list, this dessert dates back to ancient times, because the sugar rush has always been a Greek favorite! Simple to make at home, they are just pieces of fried dough, not very different from a donut-hole center. The pieces are then smothered in honey and topped with nuts, cinnamon, or even chocolate sauce!