Gordon Ramsay Opened a New Fish and Chips Location in Times Square

Gordon Ramsay is no new name in the culinary scene. Adding another jewel to his already glittering crown, the British celebrity chef has now brought a taste of the British seaside to the land of the Big Apple. In December last year, Ramsay launched the newest location of his Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips, the fast-casual concept from his eponymous culinary chain. And right in the middle of Times Square, the location of the new joint couldn’t be grander!

The Menu

Ramsay’s latest joint’s menu is mostly traditional and nearly identical to the three other locations in the USA. While in traditional English chippies, fish and chips are served tossed in vinegar and wrapped in brown paper or newspaper, here the chef pops the food in a white portable cardboard box tagged with the British flag. There is a range of options of house-made sauces, like Gordon’s tartar, sriracha aioli, curry & mango, dijon mayonnaise, and southwest ranch. The customers can also make their fish “dirty” by smothering the fried pieces in a wide selection of toppings, including chorizo, jalapeno, cotija, chorizo, chives, parsley, and red onion. In his new joint, Ramsay also offers chicken and shrimp, fried and served in the same style as fish and chips. Another attraction is the Fishwich, Ramsay’s unique take on the common fried fish wrap, where the fried fish is wrapped in a warm piece of naan and is topped with crunchy shredded cabbage, fresh tomato relish, and avocado sauce.

The Sourcing

As Ramsay shared with the press, his joint focuses on sustainably sourcing fresh true cod. The preparation includes creating a light and crispy batter, a touch of sea salt, and a squeeze of lemon, which really lets the fish shine without overpowering it. The potatoes for the chips come from a group of small farms in the Pacific Northwest, with whom Ramsay has partnered for the best-quality products.