Dominique Ansel Brings Cronuts and Other Special Treats to Las Vegas

The James Beard Award-winning pastry chef Dominique Ansel has taken his beloved NYC bakery to Las Vegas. Ansel is particularly famous for cronuts, a hybrid creation of croissants and doughnuts. Along with the signature cronuts, the new bakery opened on October 21st, is filled with many favorites from the chef’s original east coast location, as well as with several new sweet treats, specially developed by Ansel and his team to be exclusive to Las Vegas.

The New Bakery

Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas is the second domestic location for Ansel’s bakery, with the original standing in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan. The famed pastry chef also has a workshop in NYC and several locations in Hong Kong under the name Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel, which is a capsule collection of exclusive sweet treats. After the opening, the first 100 customers to stop at the Las Vegas bakery received a limited-edition gift in honor of the launch. Located adjacent to another famed diner Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill, the new bakery is open from Monday to Thursday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday through Sunday. The bakery also features a retail area and a café-style seating zone for up to 20 guests to enjoy freshly baked cronuts and other creations.

The Special Treats

The pastry chef is offering a range of new creations in his new Las Vegas bakery which includes a collection of delectable pastries named Lucky 7. It contains a French éclair filled with cassis jam, Valrhona Caramelia chocolates, and elderflower mascarpone mousse. A special fortune cookie, made up of a sable Breton base topped with jasmine tea cremeux and lemon curd, with a white chocolate fortune sticking out of the cookie, is also available. The bakery also serves familiar items like pan-au-chocolat and croissants and, of course, the celebrated cronuts.