Botswana Food: 5 Must-Try Traditional Dishes

If you are visiting Africa – then Botswana should definitely be on your bucket list. Not only will you find some of the warmest people in the world over there – but there is amazing wildlife waiting to be discovered. It’s filled with remote lodges where you can be one with nature and experience wilderness in all its glory.

It’s a wild-wild country – and their delicacies are not far behind from the wildness. As they say – food in Africa is not for the faint-hearted. They eat everything, from our regular farm animals to worms and fungus. The sheer variety of food is a reason enough for you to visit this beautiful country – and while you are there, make sure you try out these five local delicacies.


Generally enjoyed on special occasions, Vetkoek is one festive food local to Botswana and many parts of Africa. The literal translation of the word meaning “Fat Cake’. The bread is had with different fillings depending upon the occasion and taste preferences. For a savory mood, think mince or chicken stew, and if you are in the mood for something sweet, then have it with honey, jam, or syrup.


Seswaa is the national dish of Botswana. Whether you are attending a wedding or a funeral, you are sure to find this dish on the menu. The main base is of a farm animal – be it beef, chicken, or lamb meat. It is cooked along with onions and pepper. Beware, locals hate it when people try to mix this recipe with other ingredients.


Their plant-based cuisine is just as wild as their meat delicacies. Morogo, popularly known as wild spinach, is a combination of any three different dark green leafy vegetables. It is mandatory for one of the three leaves to be pumpkin leaves. It is an acquired taste as it’s bitter tasting – but a rich source of protein. Morogo can be eaten solo, or it can be combined with onions, tomatoes, and lots of butter.


How do you feel about having a combination of beans, peas, and samp (processed maze) – in a porridge-like consistency? If that sounds delicious, then you should definitely try this African delicacy, Dikgobe. The above-mentioned ingredients are cooked in minimal oil, and salt is used for seasoning purposes. While it can be consumed solo – it is generally consumed as a side dish. Locals often pair it with a glass of fresh milk.


While others were well-cooked meals and side dishes – here’s something for you when you are craving something to snack on. Can you imagine snacks being healthy? Well, Diltoo is – it’s basically an African legume. It is also called jubo beans. It is another great source of protein for families that can afford meat on a daily basis. They are soaked in water overnight before consumption.