These Are The Best Street Food Cities On The Planet

Whether it’s out the back of a van, or from a little market stall, some of the best tasting food you can try is on the street. Hundreds of cities around the world are known for their offerings of delicious street food, so here are four we think are the best locations.

These Are The Best Street Food Cities On The Planet

Bangkok, Thailand

Everywhere you look in Bangkok there is some kind of street food to tantalize your taste buds. There are an array of sidewalk vendors on most streets in the city center, offering the best of what Thai food has to offer. Expect a choice of dishes like pad thai noodles, curry, fried rice, and delicacies such as squid or even insects!

Durban, South Africa

Durban’s street food is known for its wonderful curries. The city has a lot of influence from India, with each generation over time creating some mouth-watering local recipes. The most famous dish is the Durban Bunny Chow which is a curry served in a hollowed out bread loaf.

These Are The Best Street Food Cities On The Planet

Bali, Indonesia

Bali has a real variety of cuisines for you to choose from, and it’s commonly known that the best-tasting food you’ll find in Bali comes from street vendors. You’ll find a lot of fish, seafood and an array of meats including the famous Balinese suckling pig.

Rome, Italy

Who doesn’t love Italian food? If you want some real Italian cuisine, the best place for you to go is the streets of the capital city, Rome. On offer there’ll be stone-baked pizzas, smoky cured meats, freshly made breads, and proper Italian plates of pasta.

If you’re visiting one of these locations soon and are wanting to experience authentic cooking, look no further than the delightful street food stalls. The sights, smells, and tastes will keep you coming back for more and more. Enjoy!