The Best City for Retirement in the US Is Michigan and Here’s Why

Choosing a retirement home is tricky for a lot of people. The place that we settle in for the long term depends on factors like childhood homes or career goals, but retirement homes are an entirely different ballgame. Most US seniors prefer to settle down in warmer states like Florida and South Carolina. But here’s why a large number of retirees are also choosing Ann Arbor, Michigan as the place to live out the later part of their life.

Cultural Programs & Festivals

Those who love the changing seasons and can tolerate a cold winter might consider the city of Ann Arbor as a place to retire for its reasonable property prices, cultural events, and involvement opportunities. This college town is home to the University of Michigan, which gives the retirees a chance to partake in the sports events, the beautiful walking trails on the campus, and the vibrant energy of the students. The city also holds the A2SF Ann Arbor Summer Festival as well as the largest art fair in the country every July.

Hangouts & Health Care

Exploring a city is the next greatest thing a retired person can do with all their free time. Some of the best restaurants in this city are the Taste Kitchen, Sava’s, Gandy Dancer, and Amadeus Restaurant. In addition to all these amazing places, Ann-Arbor Hands-on Museum, and Ann Arbor farmer’s market are great for visits. The state offers amazing health care services at Michigan Medicine, one of the largest health complexes in the world.

Relaxation Spots

The Matthaei Botanical Garden and Nicolas Arboretum offer walking trails, an indoor conservatory, and gardens. Along Huron River in Gallup Park, there is a 69-acre picnic area for retirees to relax. The downtown area is great for enjoying dine-in, walking, and nightlife. In winter, snow sports like skiing, and shoe-snowing are a hit. All this makes life at Ann-Arbor much more exciting than in a warm state.