The World’s Longest Coastal Path Will Open This Year In England

The entire English coastline along the south is about to be accessible for the first time.

Later this year, the England Coast Path National Trail is set to be completed. It will offer swimmers, hikers, campers, and wildlife lovers new adventures and access to the longest walking route in the world.

The World’s Longest Coastal Path Will Open This Year In England

The Longest Continuous Path In The World

The England Coast Path is some 2800 miles or 4500kms long. As it stands, it’s the longest continuous path in the world, connecting the entire England coastal line with a public trail network. The campaign that started this initiative was announced back in 2010 and was spearheaded by local walking charities and Natural England. They worked alongside local landowners and the government to open up the coastline.

The path connects and improves existing routes with its signposted trails, which are safe from difficult terrain and tide. Also, it will open new routes and secure access rights to coastal land, including beaches, cliffs, and dunes. This is expected to result in plenty of opportunities for people who want to enjoy the simple pleasures that the English seaside provides.

The World’s Longest Coastal Path Will Open This Year In England

Natural England’s recent figures show that the coastal paths of England are very popular, and just last year, over twenty-nine million walking trips were made in a six-month period. This figure is expected to grow now that the path is about to be completed.

2021 Has Lots in Store For England’s Coastal Line

On the coastal path, people can find some of the most important landscapes in England, including natural wonders, historic landmarks, and breathtaking scenery. To help highlight that, 2021 will be called the ‘Year of the English Coast,’ and a program with a variety of events will be set up. People can register for seafood feasts, art trail walks, and beach clean-ups, and sustainability is expected to be a big focus throughout each event.

The England Coast Path is now the latest of factors that make England a must-visit country. The path can lead visitors to all kinds of wonderful attractions, which will become easier to access and explore.