Get Your Scuba Gear On And Check Out This Underwater Museum

Some people find museums fun, as they have an aesthetic eye and are looking for inspiration. Others find it boring, and would rather be outside. In this new museum, there is something for everyone, and is guaranteed to be fun. When you book your next vacation, be sure to stop by Lanzarote, an island off the coast of Morocco, that is run by the government of Spain. There, they have made something incredible- an underwater museum.

Even if you are not the type who is in to art, it is inherently fun to get in the water. It would be a blunder to miss the Museo Atlantico, which has a vast collection of over 300 life-sized sculptures. The artist who came up with this idea is Jason deCaires Taylor, a British sculptor. The idea was to pay respects to those whose “hopes and dreams remain at the bottom of the sea.” The sculptures and installations themselves are inspired by the Guanches, who were the native people living on the islands before the Spanish took it over.

The interesting thing about this museum, besides the fact that it is submerged in ocean water, is that the artist designs many of his sculptures such that coral can grow on it. This is to replenish the coral reefs that are dying around the world. Not only is he creating art, but he is working as a marine conservationist.

The dive is just under 40 feet down off the coast of Bahia de Las Coloradas. Back on land, there is also the Timanfaya National Park, which has a volcano-formed rock landscape and geysers. The whole island is worth a visit, if not just for the natural wonder. Overall, this innovative museum is leading to a paradigm shift. Museums no longer have to be in old buildings in cities, but they can be submerged into the Atlantic Ocean.