The Best Beaches In Colombia

Have you ever wondered about the best beaches in Colombia? It might not be a question that we ask ourselves all the time, but heading to the country can leave some of us wondering how to find our own little slice of paradise.

The Best Beaches In Colombia

Playas De Providencia

The island of Providencia has some of the most unspoiled beaches in the country thanks to the lack of traffic and large buildings. This means that most of the beaches are still covered in sand and surrounded by palm trees. If you’re looking for paradise, then look no further.

El Cabo San Juan

Tayrona National Park is filled with tropical jungles and lagoons. Perhaps it’s no wonder El Cabo San Juan is one of the most iconic beaches in Colombia? It’s made up of two beaches that face one another at the bottom of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The Best Beaches In Colombia


It appears as though this beach has just about anything that anyone could need from a trip to the sea. The beach is covered in white sand while the waters are just waiting to be explored thanks to the number of coral reefs lurking below the surface.


Some of us love to break away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world and explore a little slice of the world that is still untouched by outsiders. There are no stores, vendors, or resorts along Palomino beach, meaning you can spend all day soaking up the incredible sights instead.

The Best Beaches In Colombia

Johnny Cay

Johnny Cay is one of the most famous beaches in Colombia thanks to the lush vegetation and coral formations that fill the space. If you want something to eat after a long day snorkeling in the waters, then the wooden shacks are home to plenty of restaurants.

Playa El Pilón De Azúcar

Believe it or not, but this beach is made up of green limestone and orange sand, and it’s one of the most vibrant beaches in the world. Team the color of the sand with the captivating turquoise water, and it might not be long before you lose hours to this breathtaking view.

The bach can be the perfect place to take in some of Mother Nature’s most beautiful work. Thankfully, the best beaches in Colombia are no exception as there are plenty just waiting to be explored.