Texas Lake Goes Viral on TikTok for Crystal-Clear Blue Water

It is no secret that Texas has some of the most breathtaking natural sights in the country. As a result, many people worldwide are making it their mission to visit as many state parks and attractions as possible to soak up all the natural beauty this state has to offer. Recently, a Texas lake has gone viral on TikTok — and not because of celebrity sightings or major party events! Instead, people come from miles to see the lake’s stunningly crystal-clear blue water!

The Clear Water

Canyon Lake is a man-made reservoir created in 1958 when the Army Corps of Engineers built a dam on the Guadalupe River. The lake is located in Comal County, Texas, about 30 miles northeast of San Antonio. The water in Canyon Lake is so clear that you can see the bottom of the lake from the surface. The viral video of the lake has been viewed over 2.7 million views, has 330,000 likes, and has received more than 2,500 comments from people. This short clip shows the TikToker filling a bottle with water and then holding it up to the sunlight so that you can see the clear blue water perfectly.

A Popular Tourist Spot

Canyon Lake has become a popular spot for swimming, fishing, and boating, and it is also a famous filming location for movies and TV shows. In addition, there are eight parks, three of which have sandy shores ideal for lounging in the sun. However, while swimming is fun, guests also have many other activities they can participate in like trail biking, hiking, horseback riding to the lake, or heading out on the water for boating and fishing. In Canyon Lake, eight parks provide camping facilities. Those who want more comforts than camping can find extended stays at the Canyon Lakeview Resort with traditional rooms, suites, kitchenettes, and Millie’s Waterfront Cottages with chic interiors and full kitchens.