Tampa International Airport Is Going to be Taken Over by a Giant Flamingo

If you ever travel through the Tampa International Airport in the near future, you’ll see a giant flamingo taking over the airport terminal, welcoming the travelers to Florida State. The hard-to-miss, larger-than-life art installation of a pink flamingo is sure to brighten the day of everyone passing through the terminal.

The Project

The floor-to-ceiling installation is 21 feet tall and sits in the center of the main terminal of the Tampa International Airport. It is sculpted by artist Matthew Mazzotta and is titled Home. This flamingo sculpture is the latest addition to the public art program of the airport. The program includes public commissions of photographs, paintings, sculptures, and other artworks. This design was chosen among more than 700 art proposals submitted for the latest edition of the project.

The Sculpture

The full installation is scheduled to be completed between late April and early May. The finished sculpture will depict a giant flamingo dipping its head beneath a water surface, with the illusion of rippling water being created by shining metal panels and mood lighting attached to the ceiling. According to the artist and design team, the combined result will instantly transport the visitors underwater with the bird. The piece is meant to be fully immersive, so visitors will be welcome to touch and interact with the giant flamingo.

The Motive

The executive vice president of marketing and communications at the Tampa International Airport, Chris Minner, has told the reporters that the airport has a legacy of being a champion in showcasing and encouraging iconic public artworks as a unique way to welcome visitors. As a member of the public art committee of the airport, Minner has informed that installations of such exclusive artwork ideas have the objective of evoking a sense of whimsy and wonder among the visitors arriving in the beautiful region of Florida. As for this giant flamingo sculpture, Minner is certain that Home will help create new memories and will inspire people of all ages passing through the airport.