Sustainable Ways You Can Enjoy and Explore Yellowstone National Park

There’s a high chance that you’re familiar with Yellowstone National Park. After all, it’s one of the most popular natural wonders that the United States has to offer, and people travel from across the globe every single year to check out the impressive forests and the colorful geysers. However, with over 4 million visitors per annum, many people are questioning whether this continued level of tourism is sustainable in the long run.

Cut Down On Waste

Many people use their trip to Yellowstone National Park as an excuse to pack a picnic and enjoy delicious homemade food with their family. However, this causes a huge amount of waste, and this trash can be harmful to local wildlife. So, it might be an idea to take a leaf out of the Yellowstone restaurant’s and cafe’s book. These eateries sell reusable coffee cups, use biodegradable cutlery, and source their food locally.

Reduce Your Footprint

Visitors to Yellowstone often stay in park accommodation, but if you’re a visitor who stays for a couple of days, you might want to forego your housekeeping services for just one day. There’s often no need to clean every single day, and if 50% of visitors did this every year, around 150,000kWh of electricity will be saved, alongside a whopping 300,000 gallons of water.

Catch Your Food

Although many people believe that recreational fishing is not sustainable, the lake trout in Yellowstone are currently causing a lot of issues in the park. There are just too many of them, and park officials are encouraging people to catch their own food. In fact, if you take your trout to the Lake Lodge Cafeteria or Lake Yellowstone Dining Room, they will cook it for you and will take some money off your bill.

Although you don’t have to stop visiting Yellowstone National Park, there are things you can do to make your visit more sustainable.