Have You Traveled To Any Of These Rarely Visited Countries?

Vacation is the best, especially if you are traveling to a destination. The only issue when you are a tourist is the other tourists. The throngs of people at the big attractions put a stain on the city and make it harder to enjoy. It might be better to go to amazing locations that, for some reason, nobody thinks to visit. The United Nations keeps track of tourism statistics, and has just revealed some of the least traversed countries in the world.

If you want to experience the Alpine beauty of Austria and Switzerland, but do not want to wait in line at Cafe Demel in Vienna, or be harassed by tour promoters dressed as Mozart, you can head instead to Liechtenstein. It is already one of the smallest countries in the world, and is categorized as a “microstate.” Only 37,000 (extremely wealthy) people live there, and throughout the year, they only get 69,000 visitors. You will have the majestic castles and mountain hiking all to yourself.

In Asia, one of the most amazing, infrequently traveled countries is Bhutan. It is in the Himalayas, and has many picturesque Buddhist monasteries. This country of 155,000 people is the opposite of Liechtenstein- they do not care about measuring GDP, but they measure something called Gross National Happiness instead. They are very spiritual people, but they do charge a tax for visitors, which is why it is probably not often visited. However, the stunning views are worth it.

Instead of Italy’s main cities, which are overcrowded, visit San Marino, an independent country inside Italy’s borders. There are only about 30,000 people there, and a paltry 60,000 people visiting per year. One of the most amazing sites is the Guaita fortress, which has a stunning view of the microstate. Overall, these locations are a great way to take a vacation to an exotic location, without the annoyance of other tourists.