Everything You Need To Know About The New Star Wars Theme Park Opening Soon

Star Wars fans unite: It’s time to welcome the opening of a brand new immersive world. Here’s everything you need to know about the new Star Wars theme park opening soon.

Everything You Need To Know About The New Star Wars Theme Park Opening Soon

Where Is It Found?

Good news; Galaxy’s Edge will be found at both Disneyland Resort California and Walt Disney World Resort Florida. Fans near California can already enjoy the new world, while Florida lovers will have to wait until August 29, 2019, to enjoy the experience.

How Is It Different?

The idea of Galaxy’s Edge is to create an immersive world set in Black Spire Outpost, a village found on the world of Batuu. Everything in the world has been designed to make it feel as though guests are wandering through an entirely new place.

How Do You Get Tickets?

So, how do we get tickets for the experiences? Thankfully, admission is still included in regular tickets. However, there is a reservation policy to make sure that everyone gets the chance to enjoy the park for four hours without too many people crammed into one space.

Everything You Need To Know About The New Star Wars Theme Park Opening Soon

What Are The Rides Like?

Both parks have been greeted to two new rides. They include getting to control a replica of the Millennium Falcon in Smugglers Run, as well as taking part in a battle between the Resistance and the First Order in Rise of the Resistance. This is the longest ride to ever features in a Disney park.

What Is The Food And Drink?

Don’t worry about getting hungry or thirsty throughout your visit. Both worlds are filled with Star Wars-themed dining spots. Some on the menu include Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo and Milk Stand that both serve unique meals and beverages.

Will There Be A Hotel?

As of yet, there is no Star Wars hotel. However, that will soon change as Florida’s park is looking to build one. Guests will get the chance to stay in a starship where the windows will offer a view of space rather than the real world.

Star Wars is a franchise that looks set to continue growing as the world can’t get enough of those intergalactic planets and characters. We could soon be one step closer to know what it’s really like to walk amongst the greats when this Star Wars theme park opens!