Swim In Nature’s Infinity Pools At Pamukkale

There are pools, and then there’s nature’s infinity pools. If you want to take a dip in one of the most impressive natural pools in the world, then it could be time to take a trip to Pamukkale in Turkey to see them for yourself.

Finding Pamukkale

If you want to visit this stunning destination, then you’ll have to travel around 12 miles from Denizli. The poos are hidden away in the hills that fill the Denizli Province. To be specific, Pamukkale is found in the River Menderes valley, where it’s greeted to warm weather throughout the year.

Take A Swim In The Travertine Pools

Believe it or not, but these natural infinity pools are formed from calcium deposits. They continued to grow for many years until they stretched out and became pools. Now, visitors to the Travertine Pools can enjoy a swim with one of the best views on the planet.

Bathe In The Antique Pool

It’s not just the Travertine Pools on offer at Pamukkale. There is even an ancient pool found near the Apollo temple. In fact, the hot spring is so unique that it’s filled with marble and submerged columns from the temple.

Explore The Dense History Of The Area

The ruined city of Hierapolis is still just about standing and is great for learning all about what once stood in the area of Pamukkale. You can even take a trip to the theater in the former city. It’s resting on top of a hill that would have once looked over a vast Ancient Greek colony.

There is so much to see and do in Pamukkale that you may find yourself wondering why you’ve never been before. Of course, taking a swim in nature’s infinity pools at Pamukkale is one of the biggest attractions – and an experience unlike any other in the world.