These Natural Pools Are Still Maintained in Urban Cities Around the World

There’s nothing like some cool water to dip into during the scorching summer heat. Although they may look exotic, some cities today still have natural swimming pools – just like the ones we often see in the wild. Scoping out places to swim can also provide a unique way to experience a different side of a city that you’re visiting. Take a look at these four wild swimming holes that you should experience at least once in your lifetime.  

Bronte Baths, Sydney

Natural Swimming Pools in Urban Cities Around the World

The Sydney Opera isn’t the only site worth seeing and experiencing while visiting the most populous Australian city. The Bronte Baths are considered by many to be the most fabulous and astounding natural ocean swimming pools on the planet. The “baths” are large enough for stretching comfortably and have shallow areas that are perfect for children. Also, they are open all year round – and free! 

Aare River, Bern

Natural Swimming Pools in Urban Cities Around the World

One of Europe’s cleanest and most eye-catching bodies of water, the Aare River, is world-famous for its blue glacial meltwater, which makes it the ideal cooling spot during hot summers.

St. James Pool, Cape Town

Natural Swimming Pools in Urban Cities Around the World

Located close to Cape Town, St. James Pool is a breathtaking and sheltered natural swimming pool, coupled with stylish Victorian bathing boxes. Locals often use it as a picnic escape, and the best part is that it is free as well.  

Hampstead Ponds, London 

Natural Swimming Pools in Urban Cities Around the World

Hampstead Heath is a picturesque area in the English capital and is home to three historic bathing ponds: Kenwood Ladies’ Pond, Highgate Men’s Pond, and the mixed pond close to Parliament Hill. The former two are open throughout the year, whereas the latter is accessible only from May to September.

Finding a natural swimming pool isn’t hard even in the largest cities on the planet. All you need is a little research and the will to experience something new.