These Are the National and State Parks Reopening in America

The world has been in lockdown for what seems like forever, but it seems as though people, companies, organizations, and attractions are starting to open up their doors again in order to get us used to the ‘new normal.’ In fact, some of the most popular national and state parks in America are reopening again, meaning that you should be able to get your natural fix before you know it.

Closing Up Shop

In light of everything that’s been going on over the past few months, many state and national parks across the United States decided that it was best to close up shop and shut down their attractions. This was to encourage people to abide by lockdown and social distancing rules, and to keep crowds away from these natural wonders. However, the time has now come for these parks to open up again – but not as we once knew them. While state parks are reopening under Executive Order No. 133, it’s a little different for national parks. They have all chosen their own timeframes, with the decision being placed firmly in their own hands.

Opening Up

These new decisions mean that many of our favorite national and state parks have now been opened again, and are ready to accept visitors. Yellowstone National Park is now open for business, but it’s important to note that camping is not prohibited under any circumstances. Alongside this, the likes of the Everglades National Park and Great Smoky Mountains National Park are open again. While the Rocky Mountain National Park opens on June 4th, this will only be available to those who buy tickets ahead of time. If these places don’t float your boat, the Grand Canyon will be open once again on June 5th.

It’s important to get some fresh air during this lockdown period, but those who attend these parks should also continue to adhere to social distancing rules.