Musicians Can Pass the Cook Strait in New Zealand for Free

We have all heard the expression that something is “going for a song.” This is often used to describe a particularly low price. For many people, music is priceless, and its value is recognized and celebrated. One such example of this is a special project called KiwiRail’s Brands, which offers touring performing artists the perfect chance to cross Cook Strait in New Zealand for free.

Cook Strait - ferry between Picton to Wellington
Musicians Can Pass the Cook Strait in New Zealand for Free

Cook Strait Adventure

This summer, on Interislander’ Kaitaki ferry sailings, many singers and musicians can take to a stage on board and perform on one sailing each way every day. According to KiwRail, artists are on board most days during the summer peak holiday season. Ever since the project started in 2006, Interislander has hosted countless musicians on over 4694 sailings.

Greg Miller, who is the KiwiRail Group Chief Executive director shared that this summer, with borders still closed to international visitors, it’s the perfect time for many New Zealanders returning or heading off from holiday to finish or start their trip with some live New Zealand popular music in Cook Strait.

musician playing an 8-string mandolin
Musicians Can Pass the Cook Strait in New Zealand for Free

Passage Across the Cook Strait, NZ

Performers have included face painters and jugglers, as well as established acts and new bands. Genres have included jazz, folk, blues, acoustic singer-songwriters, reggae, funk, and classic. Mr. Miller said that they had vetted all applications to ensure suitability and quality of performers and family-friendly acts prioritization.

Bands wishing to supply for the coming summer season can do so at the Great Journeys of NZ website. The organization considers applications twice per month, and they must be made at least a month before the requested travel date. It surely sounds fun, and if you are a musician and want to be part of the whole experience that you will never forget, you can apply for this great adventure.