Museum of Ice Cream to Open at Chicago

After Manhattan, Texas, and Singapore, the Ice Cream Museum is opening its fourth store in Chicago! This new Instagram sensation is trending with niche and big influencers trying to get their foot in for the launch of this museum. Imagine rolling in a pool made of plastic sprinkles that look so realistic! No wonder everyone wants a piece of the action. The theme of the interior, as well as the entryway, will be pink, as it is the signature color of the museum.

So Much to Expect at the New Museum

Apart from the pool filled with sprinkles, this wonderland in Chicago will also have a jelly bean-filled replica of the famous Cloud Gate sculpture in Millennium Park. There will also be a hot-dog-shaped ice cream confection to represent the essence of the city. Some have even said that there will be a rainbow cloud balloon, disco rooms, and a bouncy castle along with a pool of sprinkles.

Plans for the Visitors

The management is trying to do something different this time as it has announced that visitors will be able to take 60-90 minutes guided tours of the museum with delicious ice cream breaks in between. This change was made because visitors at other locations suggested on multiple occasions that they should be able to learn about the place during their visit rather than only creating insta-moments. For those who are concerned about the food and drinks, there will also be a speakeasy-style bar, where you will be served cocktails, snacks, and different ice cream flavors.

Brace Yourself for the Fun Ride Ahead

So, clear your schedule to visit this new Instagram sensation near your home! Many celebrities and famous social media influencers are already planning on taking insta-ready selfies and having a great time at this ice cream wonderland!