The Most Beautiful Islands In Fiji

If you want to see the most beautiful island in Fiji, then you want something completely unspoilt, right? We can go one better. We have the ones with the most wildlife and fewest people. The ones that take you off the beaten track for an adventure that’s out of this world.

The Lomaiviti Islands

The Lomaiviti Islands are made from seven islands, one of which used to be the capital of Fiji. The area is partly protected by UNESCO, meaning the old town is still filled with history. Don’t forget the mountains if you want to get a better view of the land.

Vanua Levu

Thick rainforests, rare wildlife, healing temples, and unbelievable views of the Great Reef Sea. Does it get any better than a trip to Vanua Levu, aka one of the most beautiful islands in Fiji?


Over a third of Taveuni is covered in jungle. Plus, the water around the land is all protected. Wildlife here is left to its own devices, meaning there are incredible sights to be had on this Fiji island.

The Lau Islands

A visit to the Lau Islands is about as remote as anyone can get in Fiji. Explorers get the joy of traveling across the crystal water as they explore what each island has to offer, including the underground caves and snorkel spots.


This is one of the largest islands in Fiji, but Kadavu is still relatively untouched. It’s covered in thick rainforest that’s filled with rare birds. This means there is plenty of hiking involved if you want to take in the jungle and waterfalls around the island.

There are 33 islands across the nation. These just happen to be some of the most beautiful islands in Fiji thanks to their untouched land and stretches of privacy. A trip to any of these is sure to give you an experience unlike any felt by anyone else.