Meow Wolf Has Created a New Las Vegas Attraction — the Omega Mart

The Omega Mart is the new, permanent visitor attraction and art installation that will open in Las Vegas this month. Built by Meow Wolf, the attraction is dubbed America’s most exceptional supermarket and is located in Area15. The place is an experiential retail and entertainment center spanning 200,000 square feet. Reportedly, it will feature around 250 art projects from 325 artists.

Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart Houses Over 60 Unique Environments

One of Meow Wolf's Omega Mart Unique Environments
Meow Wolf Has Created a New Las Vegas Attraction — the Omega Mart

Among Omega Mart’s more than 60 environments are installation-filled rooms, terrains, and even portals to other worlds. Meow Wolf has stated that their attraction will transform any family vacation into a mind-bending adventure. The arts and entertainment company is known for creating large-scale art installations that are unique and immersive. According to Meow Wolf, the Omega Mart cannot be considered a show, arcade, or museum but is rather all of that and much more.

The Omega Mart Will Be Family-Friendly: Open for Adults and Children of All Ages

The new Meow Wolf attraction features many spaces, including a warehouse-sized playground that has slides bigger than a house. There are many other notable areas of the Omega Mart, such as the real-life looking glass that shows viewers depictions from another world. Although the makers of the attraction say it will be one of the greatest amusement parks out there, at the heart of the project is also a strong focus on art.

meow wolf omega mart
Meow Wolf Has Created a New Las Vegas Attraction — the Omega Mart

Apparently, the team at Meow Wolf has spent three years turning what some would perceive as a boring art world into an exhilarating and unprecedentedly gorgeous experience. Most of the art will be presented only for contemplation and long stares, but there will also be paintings that visitors can walk into and explore and a sculpture garden resembling the ruins of an alien planet.

With the Omega Mart set to open on February 18, the marketing activity for the event flared up, and a series of videos started circulating the media. Made by Wieden + Kennedy, the creative videos include one that was directed by Andreas Nilsson and a deepfake Willie Nelson.