Get An Edible Mediterranean Experience On This Culinary Cruise

The cuisine that exists today in Livorno – a port city in Italy that’s thrived since the Roman era – was formed from the people and ingredients that moved through the same centuries-old routes that are taken today by Oceania Cruises’ ship, Sirena. Livorno was claimed by the large shipping kingdoms of Genoa, Pisa, and Florence. It welcomed merchants coming from Turkey, Greece, Persia, and more.

What better way to experience the culinary network than to follow the exact trail on the sea, seeing everything from the coasts of Tuscany to Liguria, northern Corsica, and even Côte d’Azur along the way?

What’s On Board

Get An Edible Mediterranean Experience On This Culinary Cruise

The itinerary for the trip aboard Sirena, Oceania Cruises’ newly-renovated ship, was organized by Claudine Pépin, the chef, cookbook author, and daughter of culinary star Jacques. Pépin wanted to showcase the food and wine of the Mediterranean, which is how this trip came to be..

As you curve from Italy into the south of France, you will notice how the hills sharpen into mountains; the grassy farmland becomes silver-dusted olive groves and whitewashed villages. The views you will see from the cruise ship will change from pine-covered hills to colorful towns, from fishing villages to marinas filled with yachts. As the scenery is changing, so will the food.

A Fulfilling Cruise and Experience

When people think of cruises, they may think it is a shortcut, speeding through 5 or 10 places within a week and getting to set foot in each city. However, there is a certain romance that can be experienced through its slowness. The leisure of going from point A to point B and having the rare opportunity to see the land and scenery change as the hours pass.

Get An Edible Mediterranean Experience On This Culinary Cruise

You have the chance to follow the path of spice, grapes, and cooking techniques that created the flavors and cuisines centuries ago during Mediterranean travel. These cuisines are known and cherished today and are worth savoring on this cruise.