Lord of the Rings Filming Location Reopened to the Public

The stunning landscapes of New Zealand have been the setting for many amazing cinematic productions over the years. Very famously, it’s beautiful terrains have been the set location of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and many fans and avid travelers have longed to visit the place where Middle Earth came to life. Now, after 11 years, the famous filming site is open to visitors.

Visiting the Lord of the Rings Filming Location

Hobbiton The Movie Set
Lord of the Rings Filming Location Reopened to the Public

Deer Park Heights is located in Queenstown and was originally opened in 1966. It is an 800-hectare farm that has some of the best views of New Zealand. To share this unique beauty with visitors, the owner, Mike Mee, has decided to reopen the area. Visitors can enjoy a safari-style experience by driving through the area in their vehicle and marveling at the iconic views. An online booking system will be available and access through the tollgate allowed with the provided code. However, hikers and cyclists will not be able to gain access as the owner has explained that they tend to spook the animals.

What Visitors Can See

When taking a drive through the Kelvin Heights Peninsula park, visitors will be able to see and recognize some of the locations where famous scenes from the movie were filmed. As this area has been and continues to be a deer farm, it will be possible to spot different types of deer, miniature horses, llamas, Kunekune pigs, alpacas, and a variety of other animals. The drive is guaranteed to be great family fun and a real treat for Lord of the Rings fans, as well as moviegoers who enjoyed Pete’s Dragon or Wolverine, which also had scenes filmed in this area. An interactive map will be available to help guide all visitors to different locations that might be of interest to them.

Lord of the Rings Edoras Tour - New Zealand
Lord of the Rings Filming Location Reopened to the Public

For all those interested in experiencing Middle Earth, pre-booking is necessary through the official website and a vehicle booking currently goes for $55!