Why This Italian Town Is The Best Place To Watch The Stars

If you love watching the night sky, then you might want to learn why this Italian town is the best place to watch the stars. Sure, you might think you’ve seen the most impressive views, but many people believe there is no place like Saint-Barthélemy Valley when it comes to stargazing.

Earning Its Title

Saint-Barthélemy Valley’s stargazing is so impressive that it has been named as a Starlight Stellar Park thanks to the Starlight Foundation. The award is run by a branch of UNESCO as the organization feels the sky here is so beautiful that it needs to be protected at all costs. Saint-Barthélemy Valley is the fourth park of its kind in the world and the first in Italy.

Protecting The Sky

Of course, being such a great place to watch the stars means that a lot of effort has gone into protecting Saint-Barthélemy Valley’s night sky. The town uses LED lights that have been designed to shine down rather than upwards. This helps to reduce light pollution in the area. The stars in this Italian town are so impressive that you can see most of them with your own eyes. Of course, a telescope offers up an even more breathtaking view.

Taking It In

Locals in Saint-Barthélemy Valley say they head outside whenever it’s dark all thanks to the night sky. The stars show off their beauty throughout the year. If you want to watch the stars in this Italian town for yourself, then all you need to do is book an airplane ticket and bring a blanket. Just be sure to pick a clear night to get the most impressive results.

This Italian town is the best place to watch the stars thanks to the incredible conservation work that has gone into the area. The continued efforts of the foundation should mean that Saint-Barthélemy Valley and its nighttime beauty should be protected for years to come.