Become A Hieroglyphic Expert On Your Next Trip To Egypt Thanks To Google

Hieroglyphics are more than just intricate paintings – they are one of the earliest forms of writing. Their true meaning has been unclear to many for years. However, you could become a hieroglyphic expert on your next trip to Egypt, thanks to Google.

A Part Of The App

Google’s Art and Culture App is set to grow as more features become available. One of the many tools is Fabricius that was released in honor of the day the Rosetta Stone was discovered. This precious stone helped decipher hieroglyphics for the first time ever.

In The Early Stages

This is the first time any kind of hieroglyphics translator has been developed, meaning that Fabricius is still in the early stages. However, Google is hopeful that it will soon become more than a desktop app and become a part of people’s everyday lives. Perhaps a phone app is on the cards?

Adding To The System

For now, users upload photos of their hieroglyphics to the app to help train the machine in how to decode each image. This then provides a hieroglyphics translation. It’s thought there are around 1,000 hieroglyphics, so each photo that’s uploaded means the machine can get quicker and quicker at deciphering the code.

Make Your Own

Believe it or not, but Google has also made a feature that allows users to create their own hieroglyphics. Although the company says it’s only for fun, it might not be long before people become a hieroglyphic expert. The best bit? It’s not just Egyptologists that can make use of the fantastic new technology.

Whoever would have thought that we could be a hieroglyphic expert? Our next trip to Egypt could be even more special than ever. Understanding the hieroglyphics found around the country could open up an entirely new world that many of us have never been able to understand before.