Hidden Beauties To Explore In Portugal

Portugal is one of Europe’s hidden gems. After seeing these best hidden beauties to explore in the country, it’ll be no wonder that the country is becoming a more popular vacation destination every year.


Want some pretty castles? Take a look at this hidden beauty in Portugal. The Palace of Sintra, Castle of the Moors, Monserrate Palace, and Pena Palace are the brightly colored offerings that seem to blend into the atmosphere with ease.


This little island is tucked between the Canary Islands and mainland Portugal. Amazingly, the unspoiled landscape is often overlooked, making it one of the best hidden beauties to explore in the country.


Portugal is filled with history, and Amarante is oozing with plenty of its own. There is a gorgeous arched bridge that’s stood the test of time as well as a riverside stroll that’s perfect for when you’re deciding where to eat.


This is one of the best hidden beauties to explore in Portugal as Monsanto is a village that’s been built around a rock. There are fewer than 1,000 residents, and the streets are usually pretty quiet.


You need to have your walking shoes if you plan a trip to Sortelha in Portugal. Why? The castle is too impressive to ignore – and there is plenty of walking if you want to explore it all.

The Azores

If you want winding trails and breathtaking waterfalls, then it could be time to take a trip to the Azores. Portugal’s secret is filled with dramatic landscape that’s the perfect place for taking those jealousy-inducing vacation photos.

Taking in some of the hidden beauties to explore in Portugal is one way to see just how much the country has to offer. From a rich history to breathtaking views and everything in between, life doesn’t get much better than a vacation here.