Fun Factory Tours That Are Sure to Impress and Amuse

Everyone has a favorite ice cream flavor or most beloved type of candy. A great way to appreciate these products that give us so much comfort and joy is by taking a guided tour of the factories they’re made in! Many factories in the US have been in business for decades and most of them offer fun, interactive factory tours, allowing guests to learn all about how their favorite products come to life. Here are our top 5 choices of tours definitely worth visiting:

Hershey’s Chocolate Factory Tours

Fun Factory Tours That Are Sure to Impress and Amuse

The town of Hershey in central Pennsylvania is home to the amazing Hershey’s Chocolate Factory, founded back in 1894. The factory offers a free tour that lasts 30 minutes. Guests can have a wonderful experience seeing how the chocolate is made. The tour ends with a sweet treat! Those who want a lasting souvenir can take an additional tour for a small fee and make their own candy bar including a personalized wrapper!

Ben & Jerry’s

A tour through Ben & Jerry’s factory in Waterbury, Vermont is a dream come true for every ice cream lover. The tour allows guests to see how the ice cream is made. The best part is that there’s a tasting of some of the most popular flavors, as well as the flavors that have been discontinued over the years. If that’s not enough, for an added price, one can take a tour through the Flavor Lab with an experienced Flavor Guru.

Fun Factory Tours That Are Sure to Impress and Amuse

Taylor Guitars

Taking a tour of Taylor Guitars in San Diego is an excellent treat for musicians and music lovers alike. The guided tour lasts 75 minutes and allows guests to see how acoustic guitars are made. The guitar room displays many finished guitars that guests can look at and test out.

Cape Cod Chips

Fun Factory Tours That Are Sure to Impress and Amuse

The Cape Cod Potato Chip factory is located in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Every year, they see thousands of visitors that come to enjoy a free, self-guided tour. From seeing where and how the chips are made to enjoying complimentary chips at the end, this factory tour is always a fun experience.

Boeing Factory Tour

If you happen to be passing through Everett, be sure to check out the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour. The 90-minute tour shows everything from jet engine assembly, a factory tour, and a showcase of over 150 different products in development.