Places Every Friends Lover Needs To See In New York

We know, we know – Friends was mostly filmed in California. But that doesn’t mean that New York City – the official home of the gang – isn’t filled with all things Friends related. If you want a trip to the Big Apple like no other, then it could be time to bring the TV show to life once again.

Places Every Friends Lover Needs To See In New York

Pulitzer Fountain

Of course, the fountain, like many other aspects of the set, was recreated in California. However, the Pulitzer Fountain is the next best thing as many people have been seen dancing and singing around the water over the years. If you want to double the fun, then Cherry Hill Fountain found in Central Park is also a great photo spot.

The Museum Of Natural History

While you might not hear anyone screaming about a sandwich, you’ll be sure to learn a lot thanks to a trip to the American Museum of Natural History. The best bit? The museum has a huge selection of dinosaur exhibits that are sure to bring out the inner paleontologist in the best of us.

Places Every Friends Lover Needs To See In New York


If you want to treat yourself to something a little extra special and walk the floors that were once meant to have seen Rachel take center stage, then it’s time to schedule a visit to Bloomingdale’s. Bumping into Ralph Lauren: not guaranteed.

The Apartments

Although the interior of the apartments were filmed in California, the exterior of the apartment building is actually found in New York. It’s on the corner of Bedford Street and Grove Street, and if you look really closely, you might be able to spot the famous apartment from down below.

Whether it’s a whistle-stop tour or an extended visit to the city, there is always time to visit some of the most loved Friends locations across New York.