Three Exotic Islands to Include on Your Travel Bucket List

A beach vacation is something we all yearn for. Add exotic elements like a luxurious stay, a unique experience, an adventure like never before, and it becomes the dream vacation of your life. Here are a few island destinations with unique characteristics to make your seaside experiences a little more interesting!


Well, no list of vacation islands can be complete without the Maldives! One of the most popular and exotic of luxury island escapes, Maldives is known for its signature crystal clear water, unique marine life, luxury accommodations, and private celebrity properties. The islands offer serenity and peace and are one of the most popular destinations for couples. The water bungalows of Maldives have created the iconic landscape of the region. Among the cluster of 1,192 islands of the region, only 200 are inhabited. Unfortunately, the islands are slowly sinking due to the rising sea levels caused by global warming. So, unless serious measures are initiated, the world will lose this beloved slice of heaven in the near future.

Big Island of Hawaii

Hawaii is another popular and exotic island destination. Among the many scenic islands of this region, the Big Island is unique with its immersive serene landscape and breathtaking natural wonders. The island is home to one of the world’s most active volcanoes, and if your timing is right, you can have the unforgettable experience of witnessing steamy, fiery lava pouring into the sea from the volcano top. Also known as the ‘island of adventure,’ the Big Island is a popular activity destination with its famed nighttime deep water diving, thrilling Waipio Valley trekking, and many other activities. Luxurious accommodations and gourmet cuisine options around every corner complete this exotic island’s vacation experience.

Galapagos Island

It’s not an overstatement that a trip to the Galapagos Island can change your view of the world forever! A UNESCO World Heritage site, Galapagos Islands is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, rich in biodiversity and astonishing wildlife, residing both above and below the surface. With such an abundance of wildlife and marine life, you will probably spot at least two to three varieties, basking, bathing, crawling, swimming, roaming, or flying. With different seasons throughout the year, the Galapagos Island provides the visitors the exclusive opportunity of getting up close with nature and basking in all its glory.