Epic Destination Ideas For Game Of Thrones Fans

Let’s be honest; winter has well and truly come. Jon Snow was correct because Game of Thrones has given us more chills than we can count. Whether you’ve just watched the shows or whether you’ve also nerded out over the books, you’ll know that one of the defining features of this series is the setting.

The Seven Kingdoms are varied and unique, and they all offer their own little quirks. Amazingly, you can visit many of these destinations yourself, so get ready to pack your bags!

Epic Destination Ideas For Game Of Thrones Fans

Dubrovnik, Croatia

If you’ve always wanted to see King’s Landing for yourself, then Dubrovnik has everything you could possibly want and more. This fortified city lies in Croatia and is hugely popular with tourists and Game of Thrones fans alike.

You can check out where the Battle of Blackwater was filmed, you can visit the Red Keep, and you can go on a Game of Thrones tour that takes you where the likes of Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke have stood.

Epic Destination Ideas For Game Of Thrones Fans

Essaouira, Morocco

If you haven’t already been to Morocco, then you need to add it to your bucket list as soon as possible. Although you can check out Marrakesh, we’d suggest that Game of Thrones fans make their way to Essaouira.

That’s because this area is the filming location for Astapor, which is the home of the Unsullied. As if that wasn’t enough, many different areas of Morocco have been used for filming, and the likes of Slaver’s Bay and the Yellow City were filmed here. You just have to see these places for yourself.

Epic Destination Ideas For Game Of Thrones Fans

Northern Ireland

It’s hard to pick one particular place in Northern Ireland because the cast and crew have filmed across the whole country. Yes, a huge portion of Westeros was filmed in Northern Ireland, because the forests, the lakes, and the old castles are reminiscent of Irish history.

If you make your way across this country, you’ll be able to see the likes of King’s Road, Castle Black, the Iron Isles, and Winterfell with your very own eyes. You know you want to.

We don’t think we’ll ever get bored of Game of Thrones, but if you want to experience GoT in 3D, then it’s probably time to put these destinations on your bucket list.