5 Destinations That Rely Heavily on Tourism

At the moment, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve explored every inch of your house. After all, what else is there to explore? With more and more people staying inside and with the prospect of travel slipping away from us as the days go on, it’s easy to assume that those with the travel bugs are the ones who are struggling the most. However, what about the destinations that rely on tourism to keep their economy booming?


If you have ever been to Greece, you’ll know that the peak season is full to the brim with tourists who stay in local family-run hotels and eat in traditional restaurants. However, with peak season closed off due to the ongoing pandemic, it’s causing even more issues for those who rely on tourism to make their money and to keep themselves employed.


Although the floating huts and the white sands of the Maldives are normally enjoyed by those with a bit more money in their pockets, celebrities and rich folk have taken this time to stay at home and curb their travel bug. Unfortunately, this country relies on tourists as a way of life for those who live there.


Many people travel to the Philippines each year for the beautiful landscape and the cheap full moon parties. However, it seems as though flights to the Philippines are seeing a huge drop in numbers. This country depends on young backpackers and adventure seekers to pay their bills and keep their economy on track.


India is notoriously poverty-stricken, and often the pull of tourists is what brings in the big bucks for those who would otherwise earn nothing. Because serious travel restrictions are currently in place, India is not only struggling with a pandemic, but they’re also struggling with a loss of income.

Let’s just hope things will get back to normal soon enough.