When Is Cherry Blossom Season In Japan?

Many of us have probably seen the photos of cherry blossom in Japan on social media, but what is all the fuss about? And when is cherry blossom season if we want to get a slice of the action for ourselves?

When Is Cherry Blossom Season In Japan?

The Significance Of The Season

People have been gathering to celebrate the cherry blossom in Japan for hundreds of years, but what is it that keeps pulling them back? It’s believed the unifier of Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, is thought to have held a lavish hanami party for all the feudal lords. Although they are now less regal, people still want to celebrate spring as it arrives and brings the country to life with color.

When Is Cherry Blossom Season?

The season changes every year, and 2019 is set to see it start as early as March 18 in Kochi. Tokyo is set to go into bloom around March 22, while Kyoto will blossom a few days later. Thankfully the city of Sapporo isn’t set to bloom until the beginning of May meaning there’s still time to enjoy the color. The first blossoms usually last a few days before full flowers appear after approximately a week.

When Is Cherry Blossom Season In Japan?

Judge Your Timing

Believe it or not, but the timing of the blossom can all be affected by the weather for months before the cherry blossom season. This is all thanks to the trees’ growth level, awakening level, and the full bloom level. One small change in the temperature can make significant changes to the cherry trees further down the line.

When Is Cherry Blossom Season In Japan?

Where To Go

There are so many places that can all be perfect for seeing the cherry blossoms in all of their glory. Shinjuku Gyoen in Tokyo features over 1,000 species of flowering cherry trees, while a ride down the Law Biwa Canal lets you take in the beauty of the blossom from a whole new perspective. As if that wasn’t enough, the Maruyama Park is home to a weeping cherry tree that is lit up at night throughout the season.

Many of us have seen the pictures, and now could be the chance to see the cherry blossom season in Japan with your very eyes. Yes, the world really can be that beautiful all at once.