Busch Gardens in Tampa Is Now Home to a New Baby Echidna

Many who enjoy roller coasters, waterparks, and the opportunity to marvel at remarkable animal species do so at the reputable Busch Gardens. The animal theme park is home to more than 200 animal species that reside in specially-made habitats. Now, visitors to this 60-year-old theme park can enjoy meeting its newest addition – Sydney, the baby echidna!

Serengeti Express - a park heritage railroad attraction going through Busch Gardens What Is an Echidna

Also known as a puggle or a spiny anteater, an echidna is a rare animal species and is native to Australia. It’s a relative of the platypus and shares a similar reproduction process, being one of the rare mammals that lay eggs. The echidna is certainly an interesting sight, having spines akin to that of a porcupine, a pouch in which they keep their babies as they mature, a bird-like beak, and a long tongue like an anteater.

Sydney the Echidna at Busch Gardens Sydney and her mom, Adelaide, now reside in the echidna habitat in Busch Gardens and can be seen by visitors to the animal theme park. Sydney was roughly two pounds heavy at 7 months old. The species itself usually ranges from 4 to 10 pounds and grows to be between 12 and 17 inches. They feed on ants, termites, larvae, earthworms, and other insects.

What Else Can Busch Gardens Offer

As one of North America’s largest zoos, this theme park spans over 335 acres of land. Thousands of animals live there in large and unique habitats. Visitors can see lions, tigers, giraffes, primates, penguins, kangaroos, and many other amazing species. The park also has an extensive and rich bird habitat.

Busch Gardens Tampa Florida FL Armor Games Company Trip Giraffe Feeding SheikraOther Fun Attractions

Besides seeing all the majestic animals, visitors to these gardens can also enjoy exciting rides and dine in excellent restaurants within the park. Those seeking a thrill can take a ride on SheiKra, which is the first dive coaster in North America, or one of the other amazing roller coasters. The theme park also hosts a number of events dedicated to music, food, and holiday themes.