4 of the Best Things to Do in Iceland That Aren’t the Northern Lights

Iceland is a magical destination, and millions of people make their way to this country every single year to check out the Northern Lights. After all, there’s nothing quite like watching the night sky become littered with all kinds of green, pink, and purple hues. Seeing the Aurora Borealis isn’t a given, though, but you don’t have to worry about your trip being wasted. There are so many other things to do in Iceland.

4 of the Best Things to Do in Iceland That Aren’t the Northern Lights

Take A Dip In The Blue Lagoon

Iceland is a geothermal masterpiece, and the volcanic activity surrounding this country has allowed countless thermal springs to pop up. Perhaps one of the most famous is the Blue Lagoon. This outdoor pool will certainly heat things up, and it even has a bar for you to have a drink and enjoy the natural landscape around you.

Go Whale Watching In Húsavík

Whales are one of the most elusive creatures that this world has to offer, and many people dream of being able to see them in the wide, open ocean. One of the best places to see these whales is in the Icelandic town of Húsavík. You could see everything from giant blue whales to humpbacks around this area.

4 of the Best Things to Do in Iceland That Aren’t the Northern Lights

Hike Your Way Around Landmannalaugar

If you’re the kind of person that loves to explore and stay active, then you might want to put on your hiking boots. That’s because Iceland is home to Landmannalaugar, which features some of the most stunning landscapes you’ve ever seen. There are multi-colored peaks, there are beautiful lagoons, and you may even spot some lava flows along the way.

Check Out Reykjavik

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland, so it would be rude not to explore it, right? Full of colorful buildings, impressive restaurants, epic museums, and beautiful coastal walks, Reykjavik Really is something that needs to be seen to be believed. Plus, the locals are all so friendly.

So, ready to explore Iceland?