The Best Hidden Gems to Explore Along the Danube

The Danube is the second-longest river in Europe and has plenty to see along the way. All ten countries bring something different to the river. Here are the best hidden gems to explore along the Danube.

Wachau Valley – Austria

You’ll probably want to plan a longer stop at Wachau Valley to make sure you have the time to take it all in. Hiking and cycling are the best ways to see all the hidden buildings tucked around Austria’s contribution to the Danube.

Esztergom – Hungary

This bustling city takes center stage on the river as the tall buildings and flowing city walls help bring it to life. One of the best views of the area and the Danube can be found when you climb to the top of the walled castle.

Novi Sad – Serbia

If you want a quieter city to enjoy on your journey, then why not stop off at Novi Sad in Serbia? There are few crowds, yet the area is still filled with plenty of historical monuments and buildings to explore.

The Iron Gates Natural Park – Romania

Changing river widths, towering buildings, and a larger than life sculpture – the Iron Gates Natural Park in Romania has it all. There is plenty of Medieval history in the area, as well as several opportunities for photos.

Weltenburg Abbey – Germany

One of the hidden gems along the Danube comes in the form of Weltenburg Abbey. Believe it or not, but it was once used as a brewery. Now, the 18th-century chapel stands proudly against the water’s edge. You can even dip your toes in the river from the shingle beach on the shore before continuing on with your journey.

The Danube river stretches through ten countries, each bringing its own beauty to the river. A trip down the water can be like taking a step back in time.